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Amielle Care Vaginal Dilators

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Quick Overview

Amielle Care is a range of dilators designed to help women alleviate medical conditions affecting the vaginal structure, following radiotherapy to the vagina, cervix or pelvis. 

Radiotherapy can cause some internal scarring (adhesions) to the treated area and make the vagina narrower, drier and less elastic.
Amielle Care vaginal dilators help to reduce the risk of scarring and offer an effective way for patients to take an active role in their treatment.
Preventing the formation of scar tissue within the vagina helps ensure that the vagina remains supple so that sexual intercourse and vaginal examinations can be performed without discomfort or pain. 
It is recommended that vaginal dilators are offered to patients undergoing radical radiotherapy to the pelvis as part of their cancer treatment
Amielle Care includes a set of 4 graduated dilators with universal handle to make insertion and removal easier, lubricant and a discreet bag 
Effective patient treatment for use in the comfort of the patients home
Treatment pace is directed by the patient and clinician
Four graduated sizes to help patient to progress gradually
Designed to help build patient confidence

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