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Erka Phon Duo  Adult Stethoscope

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  • Erka Phon Duo  Adult Stethoscope
  • Erka Phon Duo  Adult Stethoscope
Product Code: SGE541.00010.
Brand: ERKA
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Quick Overview

This model  has a reversible double chest-piece. The open bell side is specially designed for low frequencies and the membrane side for the entire frequency spectrum. 
The universal application range as well as the durable, compact construction makes the Erka Phon Duo a reliable companion in everyday medical practice. 
The ERKA Phon Duo dual-channel tubes have two internal channels to reach each ear separately, this maximizes the quality of sound transmission and minimizes external noise. 
Highly polished and chromium-plated chest piece for a non-porous surface, the brass chest-piece ensures perfect surface hygiene.
The standard 15grade inclined binurals can be individually adapted to the ear canal characteristics of the user. 
Reversible double chest piece
Made in Germany.
Overall length 730mm.
Ideal for general assessment/examination.
Chrome plated chest piece.
3 year warranty 

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 (£45.00 Ex. VAT) 
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