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Erkaphon Duo Black  Stethoscope Adult

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Product Code: SGE544.70010.
Brand: ERKA
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Quick Overview

Ideal for daily routine examinations and perfect for blood pressure measurement – the Erkaphon black line impresses with its versatility. 
The Erkaphon duo has a reversible double chest-piece and makes the full frequency range perfectly audible
Suitable for  Paramedics, assistant physicians, anaesthetist nurses/caregivers, nurses/caregivers, nursing students
The  unique ERKA convex membrane has been specially designed for transmitting high and low frequency tones. 
All components used in an ERKA stethoscope can be cleaned and disinfected easily and thoroughly
1 Year warranty 
The chest-piece is made from hand polished and pore free chromed brass. 
Stylish design
The pre-tensioned ERKA. convex membrane provides excellent resonance and sound transmission.
The stethoscope is ideally suited for routine examinations and blood pressure measurement. The specially shaped chest-piece allows auscultation even in hard to reach places.The aluminium chest-piece is simple and can be cleaned quickly.
The standard 15° inclined binurals can be individually adapted to the ear canal characteristics of the user. The ergonomically shaped and individually adjustable headset guarantees an optimal fit.
The soft ear tips fit ideally into the ear canal and thus minimise the influx of external noise.