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HypaClean Universal Spill Kit

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Product Code: SAFK3700
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Quick Overview

A Complete spill  kit  to clean up any spill. Designed to clean up a maximum of 2 x body fluid spills and 2 x general spills
Number of spills cleaned up depends on size of spillage and amount of powder used
The spill kit ensures all liquids can be quickly and safely cleaned up without leaving behind a slippery surface
Includes a dustpan and brush ensuring you quickly and effectively clean up spills
It includes a wall bracket for the case and hook for the brush to easily mount on the wall
The kits can be purchased either with or without a yellow wet floor A-board for easy identification of a spillage. 
The kits provide a clear and easy to identify wall mounted solution that can be easily carried to the location of any spillage.
The universal absorbent powder can be used on a wide range of surfaces and works instantly to clean up spills. 
The powder instantly absorbs all fluids including:
Oil, chemicals, petrol and diesel
Body fluids, human and animal waste
Paints including oil and water based
Vegetable oils, butter and beverages
All liquids and semi liquids
Caution: Do not use to absorb Hydro-fluoric Acid
The absorbent powder does not leave a slippery mess, the powder quickly absorbs the liquid and it can be easily swept away.
Provides everything required to clean up any kind of spill. 
Can be used on a wide range of surfaces
Does not leave a slippery mess,  absorbs liquid instant