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LifePak CR2 AED Fully Automatic WiFi

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Product Code: SAF-A431
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Manage your AEDs with ease – device connects via Wi-Fi to LIFELINKcentral™, notifying you when expiry dates are near or if CR2 identifies a problem during self-testing
Quicker and simpler to use than other AEDs – pre-connected pads detach directly from base of unit
The LifePak CR2 AED is one of the most advanced automated external defibrillators in the world. Foremost among its innovations is its cprINSIGHT technology which, unlike any other AED on the market, analyses the casualty’s heart for a shockable rhythm during CPR. This minimises the gap between shock treatment and chest compressions, improving chances of survival.
It also boasts the quickest time to delivering the first shock – up to half a minute faster than other AEDs. It is intuitively designed with pre-connected electrodes which peel directly off the base of the machine for quicker, easier placement. Unlike with most AEDs, these pads are suitable for adults and children – simply switch between adult and paediatric modes at the push of a button. In adult mode, the CR2 can automatically escalate the shock energy from 200J to an industry-leading 360J, while in paediatric mode it delivers a lower shock, from 50J to 90J.
It is designed for ease of use by lay responders. It features clear audio instructions with ClearVoice™ technology that monitors background noise and automatically adjusts volume to compensate. A metronome and CPR coaching function helps users to give effective CPR in between shocks.
It also has innovative software integration which helps organisations manage their AEDs, even across multiple locations. The device connects via Wi-Fi to the LIFELINKcentral™ AED Program Manager. This notifies you when an AED detects a problem during self-testing and tells you when the battery or pads are due to expire, warning you 90, 60 and 30 days before the expiry is reached. This also enables the remote sharing of patient data with emergency services.
The LifePak CR2 AED comes with an 8 year warranty. It has a battery standby life of 4 years (without use) and pad life of 4 years. It has an IP55 rating against moisture and dust.
Analyses heart rhythm during CPR
1 set of pads for adults and children
Automatically escalating shock energy up to 360J
Automatically adjusts volume of voice commands. Features CPR coaching
Fully-automatic and semi-automatic models are available.

Fully-automatic and semi-automatic models are available.