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Surgical Instruments Ophthalmology

Surgical Instruments Ophthalmology

This section contains surgical instruments  for ophthalmic surgery

All our surgical instruments are finished by hand using the  finest grade of stainless steel

High precision quality eye instruments for cataract and retinal surgery


The spatulas and dissectors include Castroviejo cyclodialysis spatulas
The calipers include  Stahl ,Osher internal caliper 
The canula  include Randolph Cyclodialysis 
The curettes include  Bunge exenteration curettes
The surgical forceps include Foerster ,Iris , Fuchs capsular forceps and Moody fixation forceps
The hooks and retractors include DESMARRES eye retractor and GRAEFE strabismus hook
The lens loops include Lewis ,Wilder and Snellen lens loops
The scissors include  include standard  ophthalmic scissors and corneal scissors 
The spuds include Dix foreign body spud 
The ophthalmic dilators and probes include WILDER lacrimal dilators
Further products are cataract knifes for use in cataract surgery  , ophthalmic spoons and hand crafted ophthalmic speculums 

The instruments undergo rigorous quality assurance tests.

The surgical instruments are supplied non sterile and must be cleaned and sterilised before it is used.

All ophthalmic instruments need exceptionally careful handling. All scissors, needle holders and fine forceps need to have their tips protect