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First Aid Kits And Stations For Eyes

First Aid Kits And Stations For Eyes

First aid for eyes. We stock different kinds of eyewash first aid stations to suit the needs of all businesses

We offer an extensive range of different eye care products, including eyewash dispensers, eye care stations and emergency use eye care kits. 


The Cederroth eye wash stations use a unique buffered liquid designed to neutralise the eye’s pH level, eliminating the threat of any strong alkali or acids. 

All products in this range are carefully selected to cater for many environments, skill levels and usage.

Eyewash bottles and  pods are  for prompt treatment, to be used immediately to rinse the eye with sterile saline solution should it come into contact with dust or splashes. 

The eyewash spray is ideal for washing and rinsing eyes that have become contaminated with particles, smoke, dust or liquid. 

It  provides sensitive and moisture replenishing relief for eyes, enabling fast emergency eye care for any workplace environment.

Eyewash sprays can be angled and directed so they directly target the required part of the eye and the spray means that it can provide continual irrigation for more serious issues.

Being fully prepared for an eye injury emergency is the best thing you can do to help someone in a critical moment. 

Eye injuries can range from acid splashes to bruising from impact. 
You should seek immediately medical attention if you notice any of these symptoms, changes to sight, blood or pus coming from the eye, pain at the injury site , Inability to open or move the eye or sensitivity to light, high temperature, and a headache.

All products in this section are fully compliant with ACOP standards, and include multilingual packaging across all core ranges.