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Medical Scales from Seca Weylux and Weight Check

Medical Scales from Seca Weylux and Weight Check

Medical Scales and Measuring Instruments manufactured by Seca, Kern & Sohn  ,  Weight Check and Weylux. All Medical Scales and Medical Measuring Systems in this section are Class III or Class IIII Medical Scales.


The products in this range include SECA 761 Mechanical Floor Scales, Seca Bed and Dialysis Scales, Seca Accessories, Seca Cardiotest 100 - Speed-Independent Cycle Ergometer, Seca Veterinary Platform Scale, and Seca Digital Baby Scales.


The Seca range of Medical Scales also includes Seca Digital Column Scales, Seca Digital Floor Scales, Seca Chair Scales, Seca Dual Height and Weight Station with Optional Printer, Seca Height Measures, Seca Pediatric Accessories, Seca Wheelchair Weighers and Seca Special Purpose Scales.


This category also includes Medical Scales from Weight Check Medical Scales, including the High Capacity Medical Hoist Scale, The Hoist Attachment Medical Scale With BMI And Range of Fixings, the Electronic Medical Scales Chair, and the Electronic Chair Scale For Medical And Home Care.


The Weylux Medical Scales include 890 Medical Scale - With Unique Lever System Linked With Electronics, Healthweigh - The Coin-Operated Person Weighing Machine, Traditional Medical Scale - With Accurate Traditional Beam Scales, Weylux 550B/BT/BMI Medical Scales - High Capacity And High Accuracy, Weylux 590-BMI Scales - Robust Scales With Unique Backlit Multi-Display, Weylux 590J-BMI Medical Scale - Specially Designed For Care Homes, Weylux 824-BMI Medical Scale - Heavy Use Without Damage, Weylux 824MP - Medical Scales - For Weighing Adults Children And Babies, and the Weylux 850B/BT/BMI Medical Scales - Weigh Baby Safely - With BMI Reader.


 KERN & SOHN' s range include compact personal floor scales , baby scales , handrail and chair scales