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Splints And Immobilisation

Splints And Immobilisation
Splints are used to immobilize musculoskeletal and nerve injuries, support healing, and to prevent further damage. 
Temporary stabilization of acute fractures, sprains, strains or nerve injuries before further evaluation 
The range include neck collar, also known as a neck brace or cervical collar, is is used to support the neck and spine and limit head movement after an injury. Its purpose is to prevent you from moving your head and neck until the injury is healed.
Soft collars. allow for some range of movement, mostly forward and backward, while limiting side-to-side movement.
Soft collars are used in the rehabilitation of whiplash and neck sprains and offer  support for chronic neck pain
Rigid collar is used after surgery or after severe trauma, including  as cervical fractures
Rigid or hard collars usually extend from the jaw to the collarbone.