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Circulation Boosters

Circulation Boosters

Good circulation is essential for good health but  circulation problems can be caused by age and  mobility issues 

The circulation booster is designed to actively improve circulation and improve leg muscle strength and endurance 


Our range of  circulation leg exercisers uses scientifically proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology

Soothes tired  legs  and feet  alleviates aches and pains, and eases leg tiredness .

It also reduce swelling,  and numbness in the limbs.

Mild electrical muscle stimulation activates the  the muscles in your feet and lower leg,

Circulation boosters can be very effective for people with diabetes, especially those who suffer from diabetic neuropathy.

A single 30 minutes of therapy every day can provide a significant and lasting improvement in circulation.

Circulation Boosters is not suitable if you are:
Fitted with a heart pacemaker or AICD
Being treated for, or have symptoms of, an existing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

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Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus Feet*

Bodi-Tek Circulation Plus Feet*

 (£119.00 Ex. VAT) 

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