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Nurses Products - inc. Watches Scissors Penlights and Clipboards

Nurses Products - inc. Watches Scissors Penlights and Clipboards
A range of products for Nurses and Midwifes 
Choosing the right medical equipment as a Nurse is essential for being able to work effectively and efficiently 
We offer a wide range of nurse accessories and nursing equipment from leading brands -the very best selection of products and all the essential  kits 
The range include midwifeery pink set, measuring tools , fob watches, nurse pocket organizer ,resuscitation masks for specialist nurse practitioners,reflex hammers,penlights,  tote bags with water-resistant lining  , bandage scissor and other handy tools 
You can also browse through our range of Nurses sphygmomanometers and combination kits, which include the sprague Nurse kit with carrying case and the spraguelite Nurse kit - The starter kit for Nurses 
Free Gift For Nurses -Purex Hand Sanitiser Gel 500 ml- Free With Every Order 
The  Hand Sanitise Is 70% Alcohol Based and Designed To Kill 99.9% Of Bacteria 
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