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Diabetic Socks-Prevent Complications of Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Socks-Prevent Complications of Diabetic Foot
Socks that are designed to provide the protection and support that diabetes sufferers require.
People with diabetes are at higher risk of foot injuries and infection due to damage to their circulatory and nervous systems
Diabetic socks are a nonbinding soft sock and differs from compression socks and they  provide no compression benefits. 
They are designed to allow blood to flow in regular capacity in the feet and ankles.  
Diabetics need these loose-fitting socks to prevent foot ulcers and keep circulation healthy.
The range include  ReflexWear®  diabetic socks  
ReflexWear®  diabetic socks contains the revolutionary Celliant™ yarn
The Celliant™ yarn has been infused with 3 different minerals, which have been crushed into micro-particles and are then shot into the polyester fiber. 
It is scientifically proven that  Celliant™  yarn  increases the oxygen level in the feet by 9%, and this increases blood circulation in the feet. 
Even the temperature of the feet gets adjusted. If you have warm feet, they’re cooled down. If you have cold feet, they'll get warme
ReflexWear diabetic socks are one of the most scientific and advanced socks and are CE marked as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC