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Diabetic Socks-Prevent Complications of Diabetic Foot

Diabetic Socks-Prevent Complications of Diabetic Foot

Ideal socks for people with diabetes that allow  the feet to breathe and sweat to dry out

The range include Reflexa  Diabetic socks that contains the revolutionary  synthetic yarn called Celliant


Celliant has been clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, heighten athletic performance
and help to regulate body temperature due to increasing oxygen levels in the body,

To further address the specific needs of diabetic patients the socks have a seamless toe in order to reduce the chance of blistering and it is designed to control moisture in order to reduce risk of fungal infection

The extraordinary innovation and engineering behind Reflexa Diabetic sock has resulted in its acceptance by numerous organizations, including the American Podiatric Medical Association.