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Hot and Cold Therapy Products-Effective Pain Relief

Hot and Cold Therapy Products-Effective Pain Relief
A comprehensive range of hot therapy and cold therapy products

Fast and effective first aid but also for on-going relief and care for injury.

Effective and safe treatment for most aches and pains.

Suitable for  treatment of sporting injuries in both the acute stages and  also the rehabilitation stages.

Hot Therapy

Heat is often helpful for the following types of pain:
Aching muscles from over-exertion.
Aching pains from fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions.
Cramping or spasm pains such as period pains

Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy is helpful to   ease pain and inflammation
Used to treat soft tissue injuries where there is swelling.
Studies show that  for osteoarthritis of the knee  using  ice packs reduced swelling and that ice massage improved muscle strength and range of movement

If you are uncertain about the use of heat or ice therpahy ,please  consult a health professional