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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing
Employers must provide the appropriate PPE to protect employees against infection risks associated with their work. PPE is vital for effective infection prevention and control in healthcare. PPE protects both staff and patients
Our range of PPE protective clothing is ideal for  healthcare settings 
Disposable protective clothing is essential within the workplace, to protect from chemical, biological, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic hazards, and from other contaminations and is a must for  healthcare workers coming into contact with any bodily fluid that may contain infectious agents
Personal protective wear that offer  protection  against potential dangers such as  needles and  body fluids.


Medical protective clothing is essential equipment not only to protect medical professionals but also patients from possible contamination from pathogens

A selection of disposable protective clothing  that help to maintain a high level of hygiene  during medical procedures


The range include and  needle resistant gloves ,disposable gloves,respiratory protective equipment (RPE)   disposable overshoes, polythene aprons, medical face masks, disposable shoe covers and disposable medical gowns .

Premium protective wear for  Hospitals  Dental, GP surgeries, Laboratories and Veterinary clinics