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Workplace First Aid Kits

Workplace First Aid Kits

First aid kits  designed to provide the first aid supplies needed to deal with common injuries in the modern day workplace.

The kits are supplied fully stocked with BS-8599-1 compliant content

The range include rigid plastic cases which are ideal for the majority or workplaces to  heavy duty cases which are shatterproof, dust proof and moisture proof.

All  the  rigid plastic cases can be wall mounted.


We have a large selection of kits to choose from to ensure that you have the first aid supplies that meets the requirements of your workplace.


For low-hazard environments size of kit recommended

1-24 employees - small size first aid kit

25-100 employees-medium size first aid kit

100+ employees - 1 large  first aid kit per 100 employees


For high -hazard environments size of kit recommended

1-4 employees-small size first aid kit

5-25 employees --medium size first aid kit

25 + employees - 1 large first aid kit per 25 employees