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Professional First Aid Kits and Medical Kits- ACOP Standards

Professional First Aid Kits and Medical Kits-  ACOP Standards
 First Aid Kits and Accessories
Our range of first aid kits and medical kits are compliant with ACOP Standards and all Kits have multilingual packaging
Cost effective re-fills are available for each kit
We provide a complete range of first aid kits that are  British standard compliant and HSE compliant 
The main differences in the British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits kits compared to the HSE kits are:
An increased number of disposable glove, these must be nitrile – eliminating risk of latex allergies
A decreased number of triangular bandages as they are no longer used to immobilize injured limbs
Water based, sterile gel burn dressings which do not require any pre-cooling with water and a conforming bandage to secure
The absorbent wound dressings for finger injuries are smaller 
Clothing cutters to cut bandages and remove clothing from around a wound
Resuscitation face shield, providing a protective barrier for when administering mouth to mouth resuscitation
Heat reflecting foil survival blanket to help keep a casualty warm in cases of clinical shock or exposure to cold temperatures
Sterile saline wipes instead of alcohol free wipes meaning they can now be used on broken skin.
The kits include :
Sports First Aid Kit suitable for all sports including Football. The football First Aid Kit Complies with FA recommendations. Catering First Aid Kits, Industrial First Aid Kit, Family First Aid Kit, Travel First Aid Kits. Fast Response Kit, Drivers Emergency packs , HSE Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits, School First Aid Kits and Vehicle and PCV First Aid Kits