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Trauma and Ambulance Dressings

Trauma  and  Ambulance Dressings

We offer  selection of trauma dressings and bandages are designed for many different applications including use on lacerations and  abrasions,

Highly absorbent wound dressings for severe blood loss injuries

Dressings that are designed for treating severe wounds where the casualty is suffering from heavy blood loss.

These dressings consist of a very  thick dressing pad with an elasticated bandage which allowing pressure to be applied to the wound whilst securely holding the dressing pad in place.

Multiple major bleed injuries can be stemmed quickly, allowing the casualty to be moved easily.

The  trauma dressing is a significant advance in the treatment of trauma injuries.

Our range include  WoundStop trauma dressings that providing immediate treatment to stop blood loss and can be used on any part of the body and absorbent dressing pad  that can absorbs 10 times its own weight

Sterile, individually packed trauma dressings  are available in a range of sizes


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HypaCover Trauma Dressings

HypaCover Trauma Dressings

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