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Dermatology Equipment

Dermatology Equipment

A range of dermatology products  that are ideal for  effective  examinations and diagnosis of a wide range of dermatogical conditions.

Our range of dermatoscopes include the Heine DELTA 20 T dermatoscope set, Riester Ri-Derma dermatoscope for early diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions and digital LED dermatoscope with software - 3 types of lighting: white, UV and white polarized LEDs

The dermatoscopes offer visualisation of both pigmented and vascular structures and the high magnification enables precise identification of lesions.

The dermatological UV examination (Woods) lamps emits an ultraviolet light allowing clinicians to inspect and diagnose a variety of conditions 


The Wood's lamp is often used to make a diagnosis of the following skin disorders: Disorders of pigmentation like melasma, vitiligo. Pityriasis Versicolor 


The range also include a professional macro lens that  can be mounted on any smartphone to take magnified images.

Suitable applications include dermatology, forensic science and  veterinary medicine