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Omron Nebulisers-Delivering Efficient Drug Deposition

Omron Nebulisers-Delivering Efficient Drug Deposition

Complete nebulization solution for efficient treatment of lower airway conditions


Nebulisers can be used with prescribed medicines to open up your airways, or with saline solution to keep your nose clean and prevent mild symptoms from escalating into a severe lung condition.

A  range of  compressor nebulisers  suitable for relief from cough and cold as well as chronic conditions  whatever the occasion, in the car  at home or on holiday.

Reliable, portable and discrete nebulizers  that deliver efficient drug deposition maintaining a high standard of dosing accuracy.

All the nebulisers  can deliver both solution and suspension drugs (except NE-U17) with a high efficiency as they have a low residual volume.

Omron Nebulisers are  durable and last for years.


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