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Compression and Travel Stockings

Compression and Travel Stockings
Compression stockings help to prevent swollen ankles and tired aching legs and are clinically proven graduated compression system to improve circulation
Medical compression stockings  - keep your legs healthy.
Your GP might prescribe compression stockings if you have a condition that causes poor blood flow in your legs, such as: varicose veins (swollen and enlarged veins)
When worn helps to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis)
Flight socks are a type of medical compression sock which are specifically designed to be worn during flights
It is important that you  you have the correct size of compression socks. 
They should fit snugly but not be too tight or uncomfortable. 
It's safe to wear your travel compression socks for 16 plus  hours 
Designed for continuous comfort on long  journeys and  if you sit at a desk for long hours, drive for long periods or stand on your feet all day.Premium compression stockings  that are commfortable and easy to put on.
Medically designed for ultimate comfort and performance .
Compressing stockings have graduated compression therapy that help relieve different circulation issues in your legs. If you do not wear them properly, they may worsen your condition.
Compression stockings should not be worn at night.
Our brands include ReflexWear , It is scientifically proven that ReflexWear's  socks and stockings can increase the health of your feet and hands on the following points-increase blood circulation, keep your feet and hands warm,relive pain and unrest,more relaxed sleep, better healing of wounds and increase the oxygen level in the skin and muscle tissue.

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ReflexWear Compression Stockings

ReflexWear Compression Stockings

Product Code: REF30001
Brand: Reflexwear
 (£30.75 Ex. VAT) 
Scholl Flight Socks Size  6.5 - 9

Scholl Flight Socks Size 6.5 - 9

Product Code: MURR-SC10002141
 (£15.99 Ex. VAT) 
Standard Compression Sock  White

Standard Compression Sock White

Product Code: PRE-396
 (£12.99 Ex. VAT) 
Unisex Compression Socks

Unisex Compression Socks

Product Code: GIM41222
 (£13.99 Ex. VAT) 
Womens Compression Stockings Fun Pattern 5 Mixed Pattern

Womens Compression Stockings Fun Pattern 5 Mixed Pattern

Product Code: GM-41200
 (£29.99 Ex. VAT) 

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