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18-Piece Genderless Torso Model

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  • 18-Piece Genderless Torso Model
Product Code: NETH131120
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Quick Overview

This separable torso model contains 18 pieces and represents the human head and torso with internal organs, blood vessels and muscles.
 The torso model is mounted on a sturdy plastic base and is hand-painted. 
The internal organs can be removed so that the kidneys, ureters, etc. become visible.
The back of the torso model opens to reveal the spine, the rib primordia, the spinal cord and the foramen magnum. 
Muscles and tendons are recognizable on the right side of the torso, while the left side shows the skin.
Removable organs / body parts:
Two lung lobes (both disassemble into 2 parts)
Spleen, duodenum, pancreas (removable as a unit)
Heart (disassembles into 2 parts)
Head (fully removable)
Right brain hemisphere
One vertebra with spinal cord
Longitudinal kidney section
Torso model without genitals
Can be disassembled into 18 parts
Detailed representation
In colour
Fixed onto a stable plastic base
Dimension (L x H x W): 17,5 x 45 x 12 cm
Weight: 1,64 kg