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2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump

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Lansinoh’s 2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump is the best option for mothers who want comfort, flexibility and efficiency.
It can can be used as a single or double pump and can either be plugged into the electrical mains or with batteries. 
The electric pump features a special closed system which prevents your precious breastmilk from entering the tubing and optimises suction levels,
making your expression more effective .It also features a back-lit LCD display allowing you to express in low light conditions.
It has two separate phases which simulate your baby’s natural suction pattern. 
The ‘let down’ phase delivers rapid suction that initiates milk flow, while the ‘expression’ phase offers slower and deeper suction. 
You are also able to tailor the pumping style to suit your own needs with three different effective pumping styles to choose from within the ‘expression’ phase.
This system includes Lansinoh’s wide necked mOmma bottle that is compatible between all of the pumps within Lansinoh’s range. 
The Slow Flow NaturalWave® teat is also included which is clinically proven to help maintain established breastfeeding patterns. 
It comes with a convenient bottle stand and a stylish portable bag so that you are able to take it wherever you go.
BPA and BPS free
Use as a single or double electric breast pump – simply by connecting either one or both tubes
Maximum efficiency – more milk in less time when used as a double pump
Hygienic design – easy to assemble and use. Guaranteed against milk entering the tubing – no need to clean tubing
3 pumping styles – a choice of 3 of the most effective pumping styles designed to simulate natural feeding patterns
Adjustable suction – easily adjust the suction levels to tailor your pumping style, maximising milk production and comfort
2 separate phases – phase 1 (let-down): rapid suction to stimulate and initiate milk flow; phase 2 (expression): slower, deeper suction to maximise milk flow
Let-down button – allows you to easily switch between the let-down and expression phase and back
Bottle stands – helps prevent spills
Mains or battery operated – 6 AA batteries (not included)
ComfortFit™ breast cushions – for soft, secure fit (contains 2 sizes)
Compact design – light, portable and hassle free
Large, lit LCD screen – informative and easy to read, suitable to use under low light conditions