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Biodegradable Surface Wipes Bucket of 500

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Product Code: NIL-4567
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Quick Overview

These multipurpose wipes are made in the UK, with biodegradable cellulose fibres. 
Free from formaldehyde, EDTA’s, fragrance and dye, parabens, 96% natural and all made using 100% renewable energy.
Perfect for the home, work areas, cars, hospitals wards, care homes, schools and kitchens. 
Kills upto 99.99% of viruses and 99.9999% of bacteria from 30 seconds
Alcohol & fragrance free
Vegan friendly
Halal compliant
Non tainting to hard surfaces
Suitable for Kitchen and Food prep areas
Proven effectiveness against enveloped viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi
Compliant with EU biocidal regulations and made in the UK
Never tested on animals, ethically accredited, vegan friendly & endorsed cruelty free.