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Cleft Lip And Palate Surgical Instrument Set Standard

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Surgical instruments for cleft lip-palate repair 
The Set is made from high quality stainless steel  precision crafted  from high grade Japanese  steel that is  corrosion resistance.
All Surgical Instruments are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and are CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive.
The Dingman Mouth Gag includes frame and three sizes of tongue blades.Tongue  blade length 150 mm
The blades dimensions are small 24mm x 52mm, medium 28mm  x 55mm and large 30mm  x 68mm
Contains 46 instruments
2 X Gillies Skin Hooks 7 1/2" Long Ss Matt Medium Size
1x Gillies Scissor Cum Needle Holder 6 1/4" Long
1 x Hockey Stick Elevator (Cleft Palate)D/Ended
1 x Mitchel's Trimmer Ss D Ended Matt Finish
1x Dingman's Mouth Gag Complete Set Matt Ss (Set)
1x Howarth's Periosteal Elevator D/Ended Ss Matt
1x Cleft Palate Elevator D/Ended Rt/Lt Type
1x Adson Periosteal Elevator Hisel Edge 9.3mm Straight 6-3/4 "
1 x Cleft Palate Scissors(Reynauld) Ss Matt Finish
2x Cleft Palate Elevators For Palate (Hard) Rt/Lt
1x Waugh's Dissecting Forceps Toothed 8" Long 
2x Kilner Detachable Skin Hooks Ss Fine Matt Finish With Spare Hook.
1 X Dissecting Scissors With Fine Tip For Cleft Lip 
1x Dissecting Scissors Curved 4" Ss Matt Finish
1x Straight Scissors Sharp Points Ss 4" Long 1
2x Prongs Nasal Hook Ss Padgett's Type Matt,, Size 10 Mm / 13 Mm Each
1x Castroviejo's Graduated Caliper Ss (Marker)
3x Fine Tip Mosquito Forceps Curved 5" Matt Ss
3 X Medium Artery Forceps
1x Bayonet Shaped Palate Scissors, Storz Pattern
1x Kilner's Needle Holder Ss Matt Finish Fine 
1x Pott's Angled Cleft Palate Scissors 7 1/4" Long, 45 Deg. Tip 
1 x Long Atraugrip Dissecting Forceps 8" Long Matt
1x Baumgartner Needle Holder Tc Serrated 5-3/4"
1x Cleft Palate Hooks St.Rt,Lt Types (Set Of 3 Blosma"S)
1x Hexagonal B.P Handle, Long Model.
1x Bayonet Shape B.P Handle,Long Model.
1x Bayonet Shape B.P Handle,Long Model.
1x Triangular Palate Knife,Broad. 
1x Palate  Elevator, Curved To Right 
1x Palate  Elevator, Curved To Left 
1x Double Ended Palate Elevators Spoon Shaped Hockey Stick 
1x Adson Dissecting Forceps Lightweight Handle Fine 1x2 Teeth Smooth Straight 4/3/4
1x Alar Palate Scissors,Strong Blades, Curved 
1x Dissecting Scissors Medium With Long Handle For Cleft Palate.
1x Palate Modified Double Ended Elevator,8 1/2" Long, With Strong Grip. 
1x Mc Indoe Cleft Palate Respararory,Double Ended,Small 
1x Mc Indoe Cleft Palate Respararory,Double Ended Medium
1x Mc Indoe Cleft Palate Respararory,Double Ended Larg