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EasiChill 1 Litre Gel Pack for Vaccine Transportation

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Quick Overview

When used with a suitable carrying bag, EasiChill temperature control packs allow the safe transportation of chilled pharmaceutical products at below 8 degrees C 
The gel based solution has been developed to outperform other coolants available on the market, keeping products chilled at below 8ºC for up to three days when used with an insulated box.
The gel packs are pre-filled and easy to use. They do not need to be soaked in  in water inorder to activate them before freezing, saving you valuable time.
Simply put them in the freezer overnight and within 30 minutes of taking them out, they start emitting  a temperature of above zero degrees and lasts below 8 degrees for upto 72 hours.
The back of the gel coolants is printed with a batch stamp to ensure complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process.
Recyclable polyethylene plastic material is used with heat sealed seams to give the gel packs maximum resistance to punctures, tears and splitting.
The number of cold packs you need depends  on the size of the bag and number of vaccines you are using 
10-20 litre bags requires 4-6 cold packs 
1 Litre
Meets all food safety legislation
Totally non-hazardous
EC approved
Manufactured in the UK

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 £4.79  £3.00 
 (£2.50 Ex. VAT) 
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