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ERKA Kobold Sphygmomanometer

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Product Code: SGE226053
 (£48.75 Ex. VAT) 

Quick Overview

A precision CE marked German manometer finished in anodised aluminium.

The  ERKA quick close system  makes it possible to change the cuff within only a few seconds.
The ERKA Kobold can be easily read with a large 48mm  dial with 2mm scale divisions.

Supplied with Connecting hose with ERKA quick close system and upper arm cuff arm circumference of 27 - 35 cm


Ergonomic design

300mmHg , 48mm dial with 2mm scale divisions.

Specially tempered copper-beryllium membrane.

Sensitive air pressure reduction valve.

Pressure smoothing device protects membrane, extends accuracy and reliability.


The ERKA Kobold Sphygmomanometer is also available with 3 practical cuff sets.
The cuffs can be changed in a matter of seconds, thanks to the  snap lock, whilst still guaranteeing precise measurement results.With the different cuff sets, the ERKA Kobold is ideal  for every practice, paediatrics, general medicine or clinical medicine. 
Snap lock coupling for very fast cuff exchange.The Erka green cuffs are easy to clean and made of disinfectable material
The following  cuff sets are avaibale for Erka kobolt 
Complete Cuff Set: Size 1 (10-15 cm) size 2 (14-21.5 cm) size 3 (20.5-28 cm) size 4 (27-35 cm) size 5 (34-43 cm) size 6 (42-54cm)
Adult Cuff Set: Size 3 (20.5 - 28 cm) size 4 (27-35 cm) size 5 (34-43 cm)
Paediatric Cuff  Set: Size 1 (10-15 cm) size 2 (14-21.5 cm) size 3 (20.5-28 cm)

Available Options:

One Adult Cuff 27 - 35 cm   [ SGE226053 ]
Complete Cuff Set ( + £42.00 ) [ SGE2260531 ]
Adult Cuff Set ( + £42.00 ) [ SGE2260532 ]
Paediatric Cuff Set ( + £42.00 ) [ SGE2260534 ]
 (£48.75 Ex. VAT) 
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