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ERKAMETER E Digital Fully-automatic Upper Arm Monitor

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Quick Overview

The Erkameter E features three measurement modes RAPID, ADVANCED and CLASSIC.

In RAPID fully automatic mode it quickly and accurately determines blood pressure with a fully automatic single measurement.

In ADVANCED mode the measurement is again fully automatic but the blood pressure value is calculated from the average of two single measurements.

The first is taken after a wait of 60 seconds and the second is taken 60 seconds after the first measurement.

In CLASSIC (manual) measurement mode the reading is recorded manually by the clinician using a stethoscope after automatic cuff inflation.

In addition, the Erkameter E reliably detects heart rhythm disorders and motion artifacts.

Unique RAPID, ADVANCED and CLASSIC operating modes
Mains power operation
Responsive colour touch screen interface
IP22 water and ingress protection
Moden and durable design
5 year warranty after registration
6 sizes of cuffs available from 10-15cm up to 42-54cm
PC software (free download) connection via USB cable
Dimensions 27.5cm x 12cm x 21.5cm
Weight 1.4 kg

Supplied with
1 USB cable
Mains cable with adaptors
1 size 3 small cuff (20.5-28cm)
1 size 4 adult cuff (27-35cm)
1 size 5 large cuff (34-43cm)
1 tube with quick fit connectors (120cm long)
 Warranty card and instructions for use