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Glass Funnel In Borosilicate Glass

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Product Code: NETMEDT135851
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Quick Overview

Chemical and temperature tolerant glass funnel
Suitable for filling and transferring liquids from bottles and vessels with small openings. 
The borosilicate glass used  guarantees high chemical and temperature tolerance up to 140°C.
You can also use filter paper with this funnel.
3 different sizes available as below
Size 1 
Fill Opening Spout Length Spout Opening
40 mm 40 mm ca. 5 mm
Size 2 
Fill Opening Spout Length Spout Opening
60 mm 60 mm ca. 7 mm
Size 3 
Fill Opening Spout Length Spout Opening
100 mm 90 mm ca. 10 mm
Made of borosilicate glass, clear
Manufactured in Europe 
For transfering liquids and fine substances
Suited for filtration (with filter paper)
High chemical and temperature tolerance (up to +140°C)

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 (£1.73 Ex. VAT) 
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