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In-Check Dial Inhaler Trainer

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Quick Overview

The In-Check Dial  enables healthcare professionals to coach patients to use their inhalers correctly. 

The device measures peak inspiratory flow rate, and can simulate the resistance characteristics of the specific inhaler of a patient providing the device is set on the correct setting. 
The patient can then be trained to inhale at a flow rate known to be suitable for their personal DPI or pMDI.
To measure specific flow rate of a particular inhaler can still be achieved through the use of a specific restrictive adapter. 
An example adapter is now included in the pack.
Low-cost, simple yet effective method of inhaler technique training
Coach DPI or pMDI inhaler technique
Inhaler training can be conducted quickly
Patients learn to inhale at the correct flow rate
Easy to clean by simple washing
Dimensions: 174 x 58mm - w/o mouthpiece, 213 x 58 - with mouthpiece
Weight: 106g
Measurement Range: 15 - 120 L/min
Accuracy: ±10% or 10 L/min
Repeatability: 5 L/min