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Kidney Model with Adrenal Gland

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Quick Overview

This 2-part kidney model is 1.5 times larger than actual size and shows a front view of a human kidney. 
It is an ideal visual aid for teaching and, of course, is also suitable for use in the medical practice during patient consultations. 
The inside structures are clearly illustrated in this kidney model and are highlighted with colours.
Structures Shown:
Renal cortex
Renal medulla
Renal pyramids
Renal pelvis (partially open)
Ureter and the beginning of the renal artery and vein
1.5 times life-size
2 parts (front half removable)
The internal structure can be seen clearly
Size (L x H x W): 16,5 x 20 x 12,5 cm
Weight: 0,32 kg 
Mounted on a base