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Lang Sterotest I-R

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Represents today’s standard of random dot stereo tests without the need of 3D glasses, with very high sensitivity and specificity for stereopsis.
The test combines random dots and a lenticular grid surface for quick screening of binocular vision in all groups of age, including very young children.
Sows three stereo figures with disparities of 1200, 600 and 400 arcsec.
While the test card is presented at reading distance, the patient is asked about what he sees and his eye movements are being observed.
Recognition of figures is only possible if the person has full global stereopsis, while patients with amblyopia and (even small angle) strabismus fail the test.
Improved optical quality of test cards thanks to modern digital and lenticular technology.
Increased homogeneity of the dot pattern and reduced single-eye recognition.
New surface lamination and laser cutting.
Schematic drawing and brief instructions on the back.
High and modern quality
MDR 2017/745 compliance
Multilingual instructions

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