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Large Animal Deep Tissue Surgery Set

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Large animal deep soft tissue surgery includes surgery of the abdomen, urogenital system, respiratory system, from a simple lump removal to complex airway or colic surgery.
This  surgery kit is designed for large animals. The kit has extra large instruments to reach deep. 
Set includes:
1x Mayo Hegar Needle Holder TC 25.5cm
1x Allis Tissue Forceps 5x6 Teeth 25.5cm
4 x Backhaus Towel Forceps 13cm
2 x Rochester-Carmalt Forceps Straight 20cm
2 x Rochester-Carmalt Forceps Curved 20cm
2 x Kelly Forceps 25.5cm Curved
1x Metzenbaum Scissors 28cm Curved
1x Operating Scissors 18cm Straight S/B
3x L Scalpel Handle Long 215 mm  No. 4 
4 x L Scalpel Handle Long 250 mm  No 4 
1x Dressing Thumb Forceps 25.5cm 
1x Stainless steel wire sterlisazton basket