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Neoprene Shoulder Support - Universal

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Product Code: DEVILL-KED023
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Quick Overview

For support, compression and heat retention around the shoulder. Intended uses can include but are not limited to rotator cuff injuries, instability and weak or arthritic shoulders.
Fits the left or right shoulder.
The support has two adjustable fastening points which help enhance the fit and assist with positioning of the support to maximise the stability of the shoulder.
Made from neoprene rubber and infused with polyester as well as nylon for extra strength, flexibility and comfort 
Offer a warming effect on the muscles 
Designed to give maximum support whilst maintaining a comfortable fit
Instructions for use 
Secure long strap across body and around back.
Secure second fastener under the appropriate armpit.
Re-adjust as required for comfortable fit.
Check the support fits tightly but does not restrict circulation.