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Omron Compressor Nebulizer with Nasal Aspirator - DuoBaby

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Product Code: MASHOMRC301-V
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Compressor nebulizer and nasal aspirator in one device
Efficient nebulization of upper and lower airways by means of two separate inhalation tops:
The Green Inhalation Top is suitable for the treatment of upper airways conditions, such as common cold, rhinitis and respiratory allergies. It releases aerosol droplets with MMAD of 9 μm.
The Blue Inhalation Top is for the treatment of lower airways conditions, like asthma, bronchitis and bronchiolitis. It releases aerosol droplets with MMAD of 4 μm.
The  DuoBaby is equipped with an innovative nasal aspirator, designed to gently remove mucus. 
Clinically proven, nasal aspiration can unblock the nose and reduce the risk of further lung infections in babies
It is  is safe and easy to use. It is also very hygienic because of the Venturi effect system which creates gentle suction using the compressor. 
The DuoBaby aspirator is fully washable and does not require an anti-bacterial filter
Alleviates congestion
Removes mucus to clear a blocked nose
Reduces risk of lung infections
Prevents further lung infections through nasal aspiration
Suitable for upper and lower airways conditions
Efficiently delivers medication to upper and lower airways
No need for an anti-bacterial filter
Fully washable with no disposible parts

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