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Owen Mumford Autoject 2-Standard Fixed

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Product Code: OW-AJ1300
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Quick Overview

Autoject 2 standard fixed  is an effective solution for patients that are apprehensive about injecting themselves using syringes
It encourages patient self-reliance and helps improve medicine adherence by making the injection experience simple, convenient and more manageable. 
Autoject2 auto-injector devices conceal the syringe and needle and enable effective drug delivery at a touch of a button. Concealment of the needle also guards against accidental injury.
The ergonomic, easy-to-use design allows many people, especially children and the elderly, to self-inject and effectively manage their condition. 
It can be activated by one-handed operation, making it possible to use a wider range of injection sites than by manually injecting with only a syringe.
It also features a protective cap and locking mechanism to control activation and a large viewing window for easy scrutiny of the syringe. 
Audible and visual indicators at the start and end of dose ensure medication is administered correctly.
Suitable for subcutaneous drug delivery with a wide range of syringes -please see compatibility chart
Easier for patients of all ages to administer syringe-based medication
The needle is hidden from the patient’s view making the product suitable for patients with needle phobia
A safety interlock mechanism prevents accidental firing until the device is pressed against the skin
Device indicators show when the injection is successfully completed for effective drug delivery
Needle depth adjuster allows healthcare professionals to tailor injection for more effective and comfortable drug delivery
Compatible with most major brands of fixed needle syringe