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Unifine Pen Needles   pack of 100

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Quick Overview

Unifine Pentips Plus pen needle, designed for the treatment of diabetes.

Automated lancing device for diabetes capillary blood sampling

An extensive range of needle specifications suitable from paediatrics to the elderly    

Ultra thin pen needles with a silicone lubricating coating designed for maximum comfort.

They fit quickly and easily to virtually all insulin and other drug delivery pens including Owen Mumford's own Autopen
Straight to the point

Triple sharpened  tip of the needle allows for optimal injections and greater comfort.

Anti-coring treatment at the rear of the needle for clean piercing of the insulin cartridge, with no fragmentation.


Unifine Pentips®is available in five needle lengths – 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12 mm – and are compatible with all diabetes medication pen


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 £23.99  £0.00 
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