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Vicks Comforting VapoPads

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Quick Overview

Vicks comforting vapors is an essential oils plug-in which helps to reduce the discomfort of coughs and colds 
Fits all Vicks waterless vapourisers and Vicks humidifiers that  use scent pads 
By diffusing essential oils into the air, you can create a relaxing mood conducive to help your children deal with the discomfort of colds and coughs.
With its well-known protective Vicks shield form, the plug in is easy to use. Simply insert a Vicks scented VapoPad into the Comforting Vapors Plug-in and plug it into a power socket. The heat activates the natural essential oils and releases their vapours into the air.
A single scent pad will give up to 8 hours comfort and wellbeing. The plug in also glows softly, becoming a nightlight and help ease the path to a good night’s sleep.
The plug in is completely portable and can be used in any room in the house to provide comfort for the whole family.
Heat activates the soothing menthol vapours in the VapoPad releasing them into the air 
Each pad contains essential oils for comfort and well being  throughout the night  
7 Vicks refill pads per pack 
Up to 8 hours comfort per pad.
Ingredients Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Cedarleaf Oil, Thymol.