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Wake-Up Light With 10 Light Settings

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Philips wake-up light has been  clinically proven to work 
At your set wake up time a natural sound will play to complete the wake up experience and ensure you are awake. The selected sound gradually increases in volume to your selected level within one and a half minutes. There are two natural bird sounds you can choose from.
It offer  10 light intensities of the wake-up light as the sensitivity to light differs per person and it can be personalised and even set up to 200 lux.
Sunrise simulation wakes you gradually, inspired by nature's sunrise, light gradually increases within 30 minutes until your room is filled with bright yellow light
This process of changing an increasing light stimulates your body to wake up naturally. 
By the time light has filled the room your chosen natural sound completes the wake up experience, leaving you ready for the day ahead.
Snooze function
Wake up with light
2 natural sounds
FM radio and Bedside lamp